We Must Ban the Teaching of Alabama in our Public Schools

AMERICA is a nation built on DREAMS

DREAMS that tomorrow can be BETTER that today.

DREAMS that our children will have more OPPORTUNITIES than we do.  

Our LOVE for our country is what inspires us to IMPROVE it, to FIGHT for it! 

How then, can we expect our children to take PRIDE in our nation, when they're being taught things like ALABAMA in school?

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Nobody is denying ALABAMA exists. 

It's an UGLY truth every AMERICAN must come to terms with at some point. 

But such HARSH lessons don't need to be pushed upon our school aged CHILDREN

Inevitably, they will be made to feel as if they are to blame for ALABAMA'S admission to the Union, and all the ATROCITIES that have resulted in the years since.  

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Who is truly to blame for ALABAMA?

It's UNCLEAR, and frankly, it does little good to POINT FINGERS now . 

What is clear is it is NOT the fault of our CHILDREN!

We should be EQUIPPING the next generation to fix problems like ALABAMA, not wasting time SHAMING them for something that, at worst, their ancestors played some small role. 

We all wish ALABAMA simply never happened. 

If only it were so simple to ERASE the more SHAMEFUL aspects of our history, and current geography.

Instead, we must look FORWARD!

Some teachers may wrongfully think teaching children about ALABAMA will help to fix the damage done.

But any REASONABLE person can see, forcing young children to aknowledge ALABAMA is a act of hate, in and of itself. 

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