Biden facing questions over possible MEMBERSHIP in MS-13  STREET GANG!!!

President Joe Biden, already the target of SCRUTINY by Republicans over his destructive "open-boarder" policies, is now the subject of INTENSIFYING rumors he may be a member of the Salvadoran STREET GANG, MS-13!!!

In trying to GRASP the motivations behind his lack of support for a boarder wall, FAILURE to act against the Los Zetas or Sinaloa cartels, and policies effectivey welcoming CRIMINALS into the United States, unignorable parallels have been observed between the actions of the Biden Whitehouse and the allegiances of the Mara Salvatrucha organization.

The DEVELOPING theory indicates the affiliation between the current US president and the street gang, originating in Los Angeles, grew from COOPERATION between then Senator Biden and grassroots efforts to protect refugees from the civil war in EL Salvador, during the 1980's. 

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Following a FAILED presidential campaign in 1988, and the deportation of MS-13 members to El Salvador, after close of the HOSTILITIES in the Central American country, the 1990's saw EXPLOSIVE growth in both Senator Biden's political relevance and international membership to the VIOLENT gang. 

As a Senator, Biden's voting record shows relatively LITTLE support for legistlation aimed at curtailing the activities of MS-13 and their allies, while taking a hard-line stance against domestic rivals, Latin Kings and Bloods

Still open to speculation is whether President Biden is more CLOSELY associated with the original Los Angeles MS-13 program or the more BRUTAL off-shoot in El Salvador, which requires new members have committed at least one HOMICIDE before joining.

Whitehouse press secretary, Jen Psaki, offered a "No comment." response when questioned about a CONNECTION between the President and MS-13, though tellingly, when asked whether Biden had any affiliation with rival group, The 18th Street Gang, Psaki responded "If you want to keep your TONGUE in your MOUTH, you'll never speak the name of those HIJOS DE PUTA in this room ever again!!!".

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