Mike Lindell was right about EVERYTHING and ANGELS are REAL!!!

Mike Lindell is a GENIUS businessman, leader of a pillow empire, ULTRA-PATRIOT, with a cool MUSTACHE and ABSOLUTE  PROOF the 2020 election was stolen through vote FRAUD

 You would THINK a man with his reso​urc​es and a​udience would have no trouble SPREADING the MESSAGE to the American p​eople that their DEMOCRACY is under ATTACK!

But going up against a DEEP STATE conspiracy that has half the country BRAINWASHED is no easy task.

Here we are going to lay out the 5-dimensional chess game that is Lindell's STRATEGY for saving the United States from TYRANNY!

Also, angels are REAL! They have been in communication with me for several days and have given me the divine CLARITY I needed to discover fundamental TRUTHS about the current state of OUR country!

They have not provided me any direct information but have given me the intellectual TOOLS  to unravel the hidden messages and signals our LEADERS of FAITH are forced to deliver to us  surreptitiously!

Phase 1: Deliver the Message

What else can you do? State it plainly. The election was stolen through MANIPULATION of voting machines.

The FAITHFUL will receive the message.

The SNAKES in the grass will reveal themselves.

Now that the board is set, the GAME can begin!

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Angels are beings made of pure VIBRATIONAL energy.

They can manifest through visual light and physically appear to humans, but rarely do.

They communicate through ECHOES , as they are unable to originate vibrational energy themselves, but only manipulate it.

This is WHY I spend several hours a day in my empty BATHTUB, chanting and moaning to myself. I'm waiting to hear the TRUTH of the angels in my own VOICE reflected back to me.

These messages, hidden within echoes, have helped me see the REALITY of the PLAN

Phase 2: A Smoke Screen of Stupidity

So now that the TRUTH has been told, it's time to release the ABSOLUTE PROOF of voter fraud, right?


Mr. Lindell has watched too many PATRIOTS visciously discredited by the DEEP STATE, with their facts twisted to the extent TRUTH TELLERS appear to be absolute brain damaged fools!

So, Mr.  Lindell know he's being HUNTED. As soon as he releases his ABSOLUTE PROOF, the conspirators, who STOLE the election, are going to make him look like a deranged MANIAC that has lost his higher cognitive function to years of CRACK addiction and memory foam pillow off-gassing. 

What does he do?


In a MASTERFUL move, Mr. Lindell gets up in front of a live audience, and the entirety of the LAMESTREAM MEDIA and delivers nothing but unhinged NONSENSE that would seem to indicate he has no grasp of how COMPUTERS work, how ELECTIONS operate, or how objective REALITY can be agreed upon. 

When asked to comment upon his proof, Mr. Lindell screams about CHINA, tries to sell PILLOWS, and SWEATS PATRIOTICALLY! 

Further investigation into his ABSOLUTE  PROOF seems like a waste of time. 

CHECKMATE, liberals!

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Here are the nine orders of ANGELS in order of there placement on the spectrum, between "ability to percieve" <-> "ability to interact" with physical reality:


I mostly communicate with Dominions, though Principalities often provide the best insight. 

Phase 3: Lose Harder than Anyone has ever LOST BEFORE

It would be easier for Mr.  Lindell to reveal the TRUTH if all BELIVERS were on one side and DENIERS on the other.

Sadly, this isn't the case.

There are MANY within the Republican party that want to ACCEPT the results of the 2020 election and move on to serve an idealogically opposed watchdog function, challenging the Biden administration's actions and preparing for future electoral contests. 

Mr. Lindell will NOT let this STAND!

The voice of those COWARDS must be supressed and the best way to do so is to discredit the messaging of the ENTIRE right-side of the political spectrum.

By continuing to claim voter FRAUD perpetrated by CHINA, and refusing to substatiate ANY of his claims with a single actual fact, Mr. Lindell has OBFUSCATED every position espoused by Republicans into meaningless noise.

By clearing the slate, the message of TRUTH and ABSOLUTE PROOF will stand out better when it's ready to be revealed. 

Angels are MAGIC. They have REAL magic. Jesus has more magic though. JESUS has 10 times as much magic as even the most powerful angel. If you think Jesus was a mere ILLUSIONIST, rather than having real magic powers, you can go ahead and leave this website right now. You are LOST!

Phase 4: Less Money Less Problems

It is trivial to predict that when Mr. Lindell unveils his ABSOLUTE PROOF of election fraud, he will be ACCUSED of manufacturing the evidence for financial gain. 

What good is money if one isn't FREE  in one's own country ?

Mr. Lindell has taken every step possible to free himself of the BURDEN of his finances. 

By alienating the majority of his customer base, inviting LAWSUITS, and generally producing undesirable products, Mr. Lindell has shown the world he is not concerned with EARTHLY riches.  

When his ABSOLUTE PROOF is revealed, no one will be able to accuse him of acting in his own financial self-interest.

Is anyone interested in purchasing a personalized video message from an angel on Cameo? I'm pretty sure I can make it happen but I'll need to charge like, $200 a pop because it takes a lot of chanting and moaning in the bathtub before the messages start coming through. Contact us if you're interested!  


Phase 5: ?????

Not even with the divine WISDOM the angels have bestowed upon me can I even begin to guess how Mr.  Lindell's endgame will play out. 

An intellect of Mr. Lindell's stature is 10 steps ahead of us all.

All we can do is wait and watch as Mr. Lindell paints his MASTERPIECE of TRUTH!

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