25 Signs You're Living Under TYRANNY

1. You're building a new house and the government requires you to install smoke detectors

2. You bring your child to daycare and you notice smoke detectors in EVERY room  

3. You think you hear a beautiful bird chirping in your attic but NOPE, it’s a smoke detector with a low battery

4. Your house catches on fire and socialist fire fighters show up to spray WATER on it, even though your chances of DROWNING are much greater than your chances of dying in a fire.

5. Want to work indoors? Better get used to being in proximity to a radioactive smoke detector all day long. 

6. You don’t want or need fire fighting services but, you are forced to fund them with your tax dollars anyways.

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7. Fire drills, every 3 months, even though the building hasn’t been on fire in over a YEAR!

8. You're force to install smoke detectors even on some BOATS!

9. Why can’t my smoke detector just send me a text message and I decide how big of a deal it is?

10. Kids get trophies even if they don’t win ANY games. 

11. If GOD wanted us to have smoke detectors, HE would have mentioned them in the Bible. Forcing us to install smoke detectors is a violation of religious liberty.

12. Churches don’t have to pay taxes but they’re forced to install smoke detectors? Crazy but true!

13. Look at this chart of smoke detector adoption vs incidence of male pattern baldness. 

14. It’s so hard to find smoke detectors that aren’t triggered by dense accumulation of vapor. Just like 6 fog machines in a bedroom is enough to set them off. 

15. If smoke detectors prevent fires so well, why do I still have to buy furniture that meets federally regulated fire resistance standards?

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16. Twitter won’t let you PAY for ads telling people to “Say NO to smoke detectors”. Trust me, I tried like 20 times. It’s BULLSHIT

17. They even have to install smoke detectors in a factory that makes FIRE EXTINGUISHERS. Talk about political correctness run amok.

18. ​It’s impossible to find a doctor that will write up a medical exemption letter to help you avoid having to install smoke detectors

19. Children are indoctrinated with fire safety progoganda like “Stop, drop, and roll”. 

20. You just want to whip up some nice Korean BBQ in your hotel room sink. You have the bathroom exhaust fan running and the room's smoke detector sealed of with the trash can and duct tape, but the goddamn hallway smoke detector goes off anyways and gets you in trouble!

21. You are forced to install smoke detectors even though you can PROVE your sense of smell is really good. Like 2 times better than average. 

22. Your taxes pay fire fighter salaries even if days when it’s RAINING. What’s the point?

23. Your forced to install smoke detectors AND still have to pay out the nose for fire resistant children’s clothing.

24. Your forced to install smoke detectors even though they are just more material that can burn and just make house fires worse. 

25. The government mandates you to install smoke detectors even though they aren’t mentioned anywhere in the constitution and none of the founding fathers had smoke detectors in their homes. 

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