Stop Quitting Your Jobs, You Lazy, Selfish Idiots

  ENTITLED millenials are TERRORIZING our economy!

They are quitting any job that involves "ADULTING". They REFUSE to do it!!!

To make matters worse, those still willing to work expect 
a living wage,  
work/life balance
and basic human respect,  
ALL from a single employer.

I speak for all job creators when I say, "PICK ONE and PRAY WE KEEP LETTING YOU USE THE INSIDE BATHROOM !!! "

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Meet Neil.

Neil was an intern at News Infection, earning a massive amount of VALUABLE experience .

Neil gave us ONLY 2 weeks notice that he was LEAVING to go work at the car wash.

 He said he "needed to feed his family".

Well, turns out Neil left our OFFICE with a laptop he did NOT have written permission to bring HOME with him. 

I bet the News  Infection office doesn't seem so "tOxIc aNd aBuSiVe" now, does it, Neil???

I hate Neil so much. A disloyal RAT !!!

Young people today just don't recognize a good OPPORTUNITY.

Can employers directly give discarded items to employees? 


We need to write them off against our expenses. 

But once we've satisfied the requirements of the LAW in disposing of something, do we care what happens to that garbage?

Of course not! 

The AMBITIOUS employee knows those items can be retrieved, to be CONSUMED or BARTERED.

It's call ARBITRAGE and it's how you get AHEAD!

Some employers, based in OTHER COUNTRIES, can force their employees take a VOW of poverty.

And if they don't like it, the SEVERANCE package is pretty SEVERE

YOU think you DESERVE more workplace protections than a PRIEST

How many SOULS have you saved this week? 

Let me KNOW after you count them ALL up!!!

Seriously, FUCK Neil!

What a whiny BITCH!

American employers are playing at a DISADVANTAGE.

Today's workers are ABUSING their FREEDOMS

Employees that QUIT their jobs should be REQUIRED by LAW to reimburse their employers for the VALUE they PROMISED to generate.

And because they have PROVEN themselves so UNRELIABLE, they need the close SUPERVISION of the authorities.

Only when our government STOPS incentiviting LAZINESS will our economy be COMPETITIVE and GREAT again!!!

If anyone sees Neil, please spit directly into his face. 

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