Are LEFTISTS tricking conservatives into thinking LEFTISTS are tricking conservatives into NOT getting the China virus VACCINE?

A recent article on proposed "leftists like Stern and CNNLOL and Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi and Anthony Fauci are deliberately looking to MANIPULATE Trump supporters into not getting VACCINATED.  "

The article goes on to claim that the OVERWHEMING majority of deaths from the China virus are among the unvaccinated and the VACCINE itself is safe and effective in preventing DEATHS from the disease.

But, could this be EXACTLY what Leftists want us to think?

Think for a moment, which is more plausible? A MASSIVE coordinated campaign among Leftist celebrities to employ reverse psycology in turning PATRIOTIC conservatives away from the vaccine? OR one leftist infilrator using as a platfrom to spread disinformation on a 100% lethal vaccine created to combat a hoax virus?

What do we really KNOW about the author, John Nolte?

His posting history reads like a game of softball against the SATANIC left. Could it all be a long con until this wolf-in-sheep's-clothing was ready to STRIKE

News Infection encourages you to do your OWN research and be on the lookout for guerillla tactics in the growing WAR over vaccines.

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